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Story - What Special Requests You Can Make

What Special Requests You Can Make

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London escorts want to make sure you have a good time. One of the ways they do this is by accepting special requests. It allows you to identify more about what you want at the time of booking. The phone operators then forward your request to the escort you’re booked with so that they can comply. It’s easy and a number of clients take advantage of the offer.

What They Wear

One of the first special requests that you can make is identifying what you want the escort to wear. This is particularly important if you are planning to go somewhere particular. If you are attending a wedding or you are going to a work function, you may want to be very specific as to the types of clothing that the escort should wear. It will ensure that she fits in and is comfortable at the same time. If you plan on spending all of your time inside, you may decide to get a little cheeky with your requests.

What They Bring

Some escorts have a few hidden talents that you can tap into. For example, you can ask an escort to bring a few props with her for role-playing. Others may be able to provide you with a dance or something else. If you have them spending the night, you may want to have them bring an overnight bag, their own pillow, or anything else. Make sure that you give them plenty of time to get what they need so that they are just as happy with the evening as you are.

If you’re not sure what she should bring based on what you are doing, talk to her phone operators. We can make a few suggestions. We can also let the escort know what you have in mind and she can take care of the rest. You may be surprised by some of the things that escorts have brought in order to provide plenty of mind-numbing entertainment.

Where They Meet You

You can also specify where they are going to meet you. You may not feel comfortable with an escort showing up at your personal home. You may also not want them knocking on your door where some of your co-workers could see what’s going on. Instead, meet them at a hotel bar, a local pub, or somewhere else. It can help to reduce your stress and maintain your high level of confidentiality.

Just about any special request you make can happen. If you have a particular request, such as a specific costume, it may need to be purchased by you in advance. However, our escorts want nothing more than to take care of you, so don’t hesitate to make a special request when you call to book time with a London escort.